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Shoreham 2007

Shoreham Airshow 2007
Me looking brave before taking to the air (and the wing) of the plane. Wow, it was cold !! But the whole experience was totally exhilarating.



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Jan's Blog

Computers and the internet are amazing things. One of my concerns with putting together this site was that it could remain current, yet with all my travelling I've often much to say, but little time to say it. Years ago when reading the news it would take me days on end to reply to the kind letters people sent. Now, with the magic of the modern age, I can keep you up to date with what I'm doing and other events in my life.


Date: 14th May 2014


It’s been a very stressful couple of weeks with my adorable cat Tamby. He has a hyperthyroid condition - quite common in older cats and in some it can be controlled with pills. Sadly this was not the case with Tamby and he’s had frequent bouts of not eating, being sick and generally under the weather.

There is an operation which can be done but it isn’t entirely successful – all very complicated to try and explain so I won’t. However there is an iodine/radiation treatment (expensive but simple)  which can be given and three weeks ago, he was booked in for it. But his wellbeing has been up and down like a yoyo and though the Veterinary practice  could cope with certain conditions the cat had to be eating well. Two weeks ago, Tamby had to go to my usual vet because he just wasn’t eating and was bringing up bile constantly. We got him over that and fortunately he started eating voraciously. I could set up a small pet shop with all the foods I’ve bought and tried on him just to encourage him to eat. Then a few days ago, he started sneezing. He had Cat Flu years ago and like the Herpes Virus in humans, once a cat has the virus it remains in them very often completely dormant. I was very stressed because had he developed Flu he obviously couldn’t have the Iodine treatment – ditto if he failed any of the rigorous tests to which they are submitted before the treatment.

To great relief the Veterinary Nurse has just phoned to tell me he’s had the Iodine Injection, has come round and is eating well. So now the little chap is in isolation for a fortnight whilst the radiation gradually gets passed out of his body – then according to how well he’s doing and that the radiation level is down to an acceptable level, he will come home.

Barton Veterinary Hospital in Canterbury is one of only three establishments in the Country who are licensed to carry out this procedure so I was lucky to be within their area. There’s a 95% success rate and, please God, Tamby and I will have another few years together. The Vet who admitted Tamby told me that they’d performed over 1000 of these treatments and there had been six deaths – ‘That’s six too many’ he said. I admired him for his honesty. There was really no where else to go with Tamby’s health – either he had the treatment or he would have died.

Unfortunately I don’t have Pet Insurance – when Tamby was found in a lane near where I lived, the Vet said words to the effect ‘he’s a moggy and you’ll probably not have any trouble so I wouldn’t bother with Pet Insurance’. I’d always insured my dogs but this time I didn’t bother. I won’t even tell you what my little man has cost since September and what the Iodine treatment will come to. However, I’ve taken some cash out of my Pension and, quite frankly, Tamby is worth every penny.

It was interesting that another couple who brought in their cat for the same treatment also didn’t have insurance. They’d rescued/adopted their pet only a few months ago at the age of ten and then they discovered the hyperthyroidism. At least I’ve had 15 years of shared affection with my cat.

I’ve been saying a little prayer to St. Francis of Assissi – Patron Saint of Animals – so I hope he’ll help Tamby to pull through.

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