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Shoreham 2007

Shoreham Airshow 2007
Me looking brave before taking to the air (and the wing) of the plane. Wow, it was cold !! But the whole experience was totally exhilarating.



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Jan's Blog

Computers and the internet are amazing things. One of my concerns with putting together this site was that it could remain current, yet with all my travelling I've often much to say, but little time to say it. Years ago when reading the news it would take me days on end to reply to the kind letters people sent. Now, with the magic of the modern age, I can keep you up to date with what I'm doing and other events in my life.

Battle of Britain - Wonderful signed Print for Auction

Date: 15th July 2021

My regular followers will know that I have a soft spot for the Battle of Britain Memorial and all that goes with it.

Discovered the other day that Chaucer Collectables are having an Auction on 21st July with many Prints from that period. One which I’ve seen and which I think is stunning and unique is a Print of a Spitfire and Hurricane with 150 Authentic signatures of Pilots and Air Crew who took part in that historic Battle of Britain from 10th July 1040 - October 31st 1940

I suppose it means a lot to me because I had the honour of meeting and counting as my friends many of the Veterans - sadly now all dead and gone.

I’m not an Auctioneer but am surprised at what I see as the relatively low reserve of £700. I’m sure the price will rise.

Chaucer Collectables have told me they will donate 50% of the Buyer’s Premium to a Charity of my choice and I will name Miracle Missions. It won’t be a huge amount but they are desperate to fund the fencing for their centre which will Assess, Treat and where appropriate fit Disabled Animals with Wheels and Prosthetics. The cost of the fencing is eye watering - £66,000.

If you are interested in the Auction on 21st July. Go to

Not a brilliant photo but it will give you some idea.  It is the signatures which interest me including that of Bomber Harris.

I'm tempted to bid myself but having posted this information on Twitter and my Website I've probably shot myself in the foot!  But I want the Lot to fetch the best price possible which means more for Miracles Mission.

When I sang the praises on 'Cash in the Attic'  of my Adult Eduction Silversmithing and Jewellery Making Teacher - I couldn't sign up for the next session as the course was fully booked.

Battle of Britain - Wonderful signed Print for Auction

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 15th July 2021


The other day I was walking my dogs at The Bay. There was a group of tinies obviously having a day out all lined up by the railings of the Promenade.

My dogs are beautiful and very appealing and there were lots of Oohs and Aahs as we passed. I stopped and offered to let the children pat them.

A very nice teacher stepped in and said they couldn’t touch the dogs because of RISK ASSESSMENT.

I don’t blame or criticise her because she was doing her job but what kind of world are we living in? No wonder children shy away from dogs - are scared - because they’ve never been taught how to approach one.
There are so many Do’s and Don’ts - many absolutely blindingly obvious. Life in itself is a risk and we have to learn to live with all the ups and downs

Today our houses are over sanitised - I don’t mean Bleach for the Loo or cleaning products but all the perfumes and odours we stick around the home which are not doing us any good. Lovely though they are, all the scented candles have the opposite effect from that which we intend.

There’s an increase in Child Asthma and Eczema - it can’t all be down to Pollution. I’m no Medic but we need to be exposed to certain elements in order to strengthen our immunity. Not sure if they still do it but when I was a child we would be exposed to Chicken pox so that we would get it and build up immunity. Chicken pox in children is unpleasant, itchy and inconvenient. It is very serious in an adult.

I could go on but won’t - you know what I’m talking about don’t you.

Sometimes I wonder how oldies like myself actually got to the ages we have - we grew up without all the sanitisation, without all the Risk Assessment, without Air Conditioning and Central Heating; we walked to the Bus stop to catch a bus to school. I see Yummy Mummies driving less than a mile to take their children to school. Apart from in the worst of weather they’d be doing themselves and their offspring a favour to walk.

I attended an incredibly small and pared down ceremony at the Battle of Britain Memorial on Sunday 4th July - 60 of us instead of thousands. (We don’t have the Monetary appeal of a Footie Match or Wimbledon) Most of us were well advanced in years and not one of us was overweight let alone obese - WHY because we were War babies with a very limited diet of good food well produced. We’d no idea what FAST FOOD was - and as for Sweets and Cakes - Sugar was rationed and those goodies were for special occasions. Today I see youngsters walking around scoffing sweets and crisps - continually grazing instead of having proper meals at proper times.

Our diets were set for life in those early and formative years.

The latest News today is that the Government is considering more Sugar Taxes - WRONG. What they should be doing is tackling the root cause of Obesity at the Coal Face - and putting money into the School Curriculum for classes on Nutrition and Cookery Classes for Boys and Girls. It is possible to produce a nutritious meal for 4 for around £10 - a small chicken, potatoes and vegetables. That’s the cost of one Pizza with very little nutritional value.

I know I’m on a soapbox but Diabetes is hugely eating into the NHS Budget and it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be like that. We have the highest Obesity rate in Europe and a large percentage of our children are overweight and even obese. Just think what that is storing up for them in the future. Apart from having to go on permanent medication there’s danger of amputation and all sorts of nasties associated with the disease. Now we have Magazines featuring Obese and overweight models - this enables those who are overweight to feel that this is quite normal and acceptable. And the problem escalates.

I get annoyed at the number of people who comment ‘It’s all right for you, you are naturally slim’. When in Australia my weight ballooned to almost 10 stones - my weight should be around 8 stones. I spent several years getting that weight off and, apart from having Jonathan, have kept my weight around 8 stones ever since. I get on the Bathroom scales every morning and if I’ve put on a few pounds ( a birthday party or that extra drink or a small piece of cake) I eat accordingly till I’ve shed the weight. Apart from anything else, I couldn’t afford and don’t want a whole new wardrobe.??

I’ll get off my Soapbox now and go to bed - At least I’ve got that lot off my chest.

Night Night all - Stay safe and keep wearing the masks in places where you are in close proximity with others.

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 22nd May 2021

I’ve said before that Journalists ‘piggy back’ on the ideas of others.

It’s happened again - a friend sent me this link - and of course I wasn’t approached for my views.  It'a a very emotive accusation - Stolen - hijacked more like.


Actually they’ve written a relatively accurate and comprehensive article. What they missed is that, although the programme very closely represents my original concept, my whole idea was that a Challenge - like the Cookery, Pottery, Sewing and Painting Challenges - would be to encourage the viewer at home to say ‘Hey that looks good, perhaps I could try my hand at Jewellery making or Silversmithing’.

With my Concept, Amateur jewellers would have been used - not total beginners obviously - but people who’d reached the stage I did at Adult Education Jewellery Classes. They would have competed for a prize something like a Year’s Apprenticeship with one of the Celebrity Judges. That really would have been exciting to see a Semi-Amateur coached to take up Jewellery Making as a profession - and could have been the subject for another programme.

As it was they had professional jewellers competing for a Trophy - there was no thought to the involvement of the public. The pieces they made were way beyond the ability of an ordinary member of the public embarking upon Jewellery making.

Not only do Adult Education Classes and Classes in general teach a valuable lesson but they also perform a Social Role. I joined up two decades ago because I was actually rather lonely - loved jewellery and Classes served both purposes. I made one friend at the class and he and his wife have remained firm friends ever since.

Having forced myself to watch all six of the All That Glitters programmes they were to me interesting because I know the basics of jewellery creation and as a Competition for a Trophy it certainly filled the bill. I very much doubt the series will have encouraged members of the public to take up the craft - the level of achievement was Highly Professional.

The judges improved as the programmes continued, but I found them rather stiff and stilted and not the fun kind of judges I’d suggested in my initial brief.

And what can I say about the Presenter? Well, I’m only human and can’t imagine why the BBC chose to use a Left Wing Canadian Comedienne who knew damn all about jewellery making.

Having said that, Television companies in general appear to be using Actors and Comedians to front any programme vaguely resembling a Documentary.

They are different arts - an Actor or Comedian usually works to a script - and indeed the All that Glitters Presenter was out of vision for much of the time delivering a Voice Over in that Harsh Accent which anyone could have read. A Presenter/Interviewer researches the subject and then directs meaningful questions at the participants to elicit information about their craft.

I know the first programme in the series received poor reviews and have no idea how it has fared since then or what size of audience it attracted but what saddens me is that if the series didn’t fare well, then ‘Jewellery’ will be a No-No subject for future programming. I can think of almost endless possibilities for programmes revolving around Jewellery down the ages - History; Love; Famous Gems; Famous Collections etc - the list is endless.

It is interesting to remember when I first started out on the road attempting to launch a series on Jewellery Challenge (long before I approached the BBC in 2017) I was turned down and told that Jewellery was Elitist. What absolute rubbish. What woman and indeed more men these days, doesn’t want to have a piece or pieces of gorgeous jewellery.

I did a lot of work on another aspect of Jewellery but I don’t feel much like trying to market it. I don’t have the wherewithal to make a full Pilot programme and have already spent many hundreds on a 3 minute video promoting another aspect of Jewellery

Unfortunately I don’t have the funds or friends in high places and have explained in a previous Blog that trying to get an idea further than the drawing board is almost impossible. There are hundreds of Production Companies and each time you approach one, you leave yourself open to Plagiarism because it is impossible to Patent an Idea.

GOW (GRUMPY OLD - definitely not rich - WOMAN)

Stay Safe - Jan xx

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 19th May 2021

When visiting some lovely friends recently, they had as a house guest Christopher Biggins - one of the kindest men you could hope to meet.

He suggested that I join up to Celebrity Video  Messages - I’d never thought of it before as my Glory days are well past. However he showed me how to do it - so I did.

I don’t use Facebook and Instagram though I have an account with both - find that Twitter takes up so much time covering all sorts of Petitions etc with regard to Animals and Animal Charities. However if you do have Facebook and Instagram, if you click on the appropriate link it will come through to my Request Box. 

Anyway even though I’ve set the Fee on the low side, I will donate 20% of any fees I receive to be divided between Miracles Mission http://info@miraclesmissionof which I am an Ambassador and Animals SOS Sri Lankahttp://@AnimalSOSlanka of which I am a Patron alongside the lovely Peter Egan.

I’d mention more charities but don’t think there’s going to be a huge Cashflow. Don’t hold your breath.

If you are interested in perhaps having a personalised message for a loved one rather than sending flowers, then here are the links.  All you do is type the message or simply state whether it is for a Birthday or some other Momentus Occasion - the date - who it is from and to - and I do the rest. Just give me due warning so that I can put on the make up and do the hair :)




Many thanks.  Remember your message which makes someone's day will also be helping Animals in distress 

Stay safe.  Jan

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 10th May 2021

A propos of nothing, I find it strange that every week when I get my Website Analytics there's always a large percentage of readers clicking on to 

John Masefield poem - Reynard's last run (very very sad)


Fanny Fanackapan - which was my Father's pet name for me - shortened to Fanny most of the time.  He only called me Janet when I was due to be reprimanded.   I'd love to know why people are so interested.

This is what I wrote as long ago as 2016

 A 'fanackapan' is a Lincolnshire term meaning 'little dear' - it is a term of endearment from a mother to a daughter. My father was born in India and, so far as I knew, had no links with East Anglia - but it is a rather lovely term. Where Fanny came from I have no idea.

Stay safe,

Best wishes,  Jan

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All that Glitters - Jewellery Challenge

Date: 7th May 2021

I suppose I should have expected Press reaction to my Blog and Tweet regarding my chagrin at seeing virtually all of my Proposal with regard to ‘Jewellery Challenge’ replicated on BBC TV as All That Glitters.

With the press you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

I spoke to a charming journalist from the Daily Telegraph and she dealt with the story very sympathetically. Obviously many details were omitted because journalists are always up against word count.

This is a link to what she wrote.


The Daily Mail piggy-backed on the story but we won’t bother with that.

I’ve written at length how I saw the project of ‘Jewellery Challenge’ but one element was omitted and that is what I will still attempt to have made into a short series.

I think it will be my last effort with regard to TV programmes. I’ve worked on many projects over the years but found it well nigh impossible to progress them and eventually you run out of steam.

I return to where I began - Decades ago if you had an idea for a TV programme you could, as an ordinary member of the public, approach a Commissioning Editor and if that person thought the idea had legs it would be passed around the Production teams and rather like a game of Rugby - the ball would have been picked up and run with.

Now this is not possible. You have to approach a Production Company of which there are legions and discuss your project - so ideas are no longer your property alone. The Companies in turn have to approach the Commissioning Editors so at every step of the way people are privy to what you suggested so there’s virtually no way you can protect your intellectual property.

A Production Company would need to produce a Prototype to present to the Editors - an expensive process. (I did make a simple Video and posted it on YouTube even before I sent my project to the BBC in 2017) I’ve neither influential friends nor the wherewithal to make a proper demonstration video

I had enough work and stress attempting to get a Documentary made about the WW2 Free French Pilot René Mouchotte - a fascinating story of a brave and honourable man who wrote diaries which were published and on which I based my research which took me from the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel le Ferne, to Belgium, to France and the fascinating cemetery of Père Lachaise outside Paris and to having his missing Battle of Britain medals presented to his family in the Ambassadorial Residence in Paris by the then Ambassador -Sir now Lord Peter Ricketts.

My project was rejected by The History Channel who declared it was a Military Subject; it was rejected by the Biography Channel and Yesterday said Mouchotte wasn’t ‘famous enough’. BBC 2 and BBC 4 sat on it for months and then turned it down. Finally by sheer chance I met a retired BBC Director who knew the Kent local Commissioning Editor. Off and on I’d done 6 years of research which I was happy to hand over to the BBC. Eventually I researched, wrote and presented the short documentary ‘Searching for René’ for BBC South East. It was always a Labour of Love and was the piece of work of which I am most proud out of 5 decades working in Television. The subject could easily have filled a half hour (or even an hour) but I was happy for small mercies and at 15 minutes the documentary exceeded the usual ‘Inside Out’ slot of 5 minutes.

(Mouchotte’s grandfather started the famous Duvelleroy Fan Business in Paris in 1825 - newly resurrected by 2 young French girls and thriving)

‘Searching for René https://youtu.be/oVNwEZ8KriM.

If you are interested in Jewellery and History - please wish me luck with my last project.

Best wishes to you all, Jan x


Gave away most of my work.  Attended Jewellery and Silversmithing classes.

Biscuit holder was the first and only time I tried 'Piercing' .  The little box took many weeks of classes

The ring and bracelet  - I did get help with the stone setting which is a very complicated process.  You would be surprised how inexpensive are semi precious stones.



All that Glitters -   Jewellery Challenge

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 7th May 2021

First taste of freedom last weekend was a coffee in the garden of friends in Deal.  They had as their house guest the kind and lovely Christopher Biggins whom I'd met before.

He suggested that I join CelebVm - Video messages and showed me how to do so.

So if any of you would like a personalized message for a loved one this is the link


I've just made a couple and found it fun.  

After years of delivering mostly bad news - It's lovely to be  sharing in and imparting and celebrating GOOD NEWS 

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.

THE PRESS - damned if you do and damned if you don't

Date: 5th May 2021

THE PRESS - Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Some time ago a journalist took what I’d written on Twitter and on my Website and somehow turned it round to adversely affect me. I had declined the opportunity to give an interview over what I’d said regarding the payment of the Licence Fee. What I actually said and how it was interpreted were totally different. The Headline was that JL attacked the BBC.

I was certainly not attacking the BBC by saying that I slightly objected to paying the Licence Fee as there was little on Terrestrial TV that I watched it being full of repeats, Reality and Woke programmes.

Having refused an interview the journalist wrote an article anyway and made me out to be attacking the BBC.

The BBC has been my employer on and off over many decades and I’ve been please and proud to work for the Corporation as a Secretary when I left College and in programmes such as ‘Tom Tom’ ‘Pebble Mill at One’ ; Reading the news for 7 years; getting a taste of the wild in ‘Safari School’; visiting India with The Real Marigold Hotel and Argentina and Cuba with Marigolds on tour.
I’m hardly likely to bite the hand that feeds me.

I am now being accused of ‘Attacking the BBC again’ because I wrote on Twitter and my Website how gutted I was to see All that Glitters with a Comedian as the Presenter and using Jewellers with years of experience rather than gifted Amateurs who might have encouraged the public to take up Jewellery Making as a hobby- sometimes lucrative. (I bought pieces from other students) I took Jewellery making and Silver smithing at Adult Education classes and was amazed at what some of the students were producing. Not only did I enjoy the creative process but it was a chance to meet and make friends with members of the public from all walks of life. Adult Education classes are a very good antidote to Social Isolation.

Most of the Challenge Programmes have led to Take Up by members of the public and that is what I wanted with my “Jewellery Challenge’ - All that Glitters is hardly likely to do that. For a start the jewellers are working in a fully equipped Jewellery Department with all the machinery needed to produce the kind of pieces being made by the competitors on the current programme. It is possible to make relatively simple pieces at home on the kitchen table - even setting jewels - with the minimum of equipment. For the more advanced pieces, yes you do need the rolling machines and the high intensity heat which is not possible at home and for which you would need to attend a fully equipped workshop as would be available at Adult Education Establishments.

I took part in a ‘Cash in the Attic’ and gave away some of my artefacts; praising my Teacher to the heights. The result was that the following term, I couldn’t get a place in the class! Also I’d reached the extent of my capability so the classes stopped for me.

I spent a long time and fruitless approaches trying to get a ‘Jewellery Challenge’ off the ground (was met with the comment that Jewellery is Elitist) and did send my proposal to a Commissioning Editor for BBC 2 in 2017 who asked if she could pass on the Proposal to a Production Company. Of course, I agreed as how else am I going to get my project off the ground. I heard no more for months and when I finally got in touch was told that the talks with the Production Company had come to nought. (I never knew the name of the Company). Then 4 years later I see a programme series so close to my original proposal as to wonder whether my idea was hijacked.

You can’t patent an idea - all I have is an unopened registered envelope addressed to myself (a tip given me by Michael Grade (Lord) decades ago) with the Proposal. There is no way I can prove that my concept led to All that Glitters.

I was approached by a lady from the Telegraph with regard to my attacking the BBC. I didn’t want to give an interview but as I said at the top ‘You are damned if you do and Damned if you don’t’. I did speak with her and she seemed charming so I hope I don’t get a misrepresentative press.
I’m very thin skinned and hurt easily and in the past many is the time I’ve wept over what journalists have written about me - very little of which was actually true. Unless one is very rich, you can’t take on the Press and have to take the Blows on the chin.

So Yes I am gutted that All that Glitters has been made the way it has and that I am not the Presenter - I’m only human but I do know a lot about Jewellery, Jewels and Jewellery Making which I doubt the Comedian does. I’m even more upset that as I see it an opportunity had been missed to introduce members of the public to the joys and creativity of making a piece of Jewellery for yourself.

But there is a trend - heaven knows why - to use Actors and Comedians to present Documentaries etc. Actors and Comedians perform to a script. Interviewers and Presenters interview the guests and present them in the best light - they are not the stars of the Programme.

There was one element I suggested which has not been taken up and I’m keeping that close to my bosom as it were! However if All that Glitters does not elicit a favourable press, I feel that any programmes about or surrounding Jewellery will be dead in the water. Programme makers and Commissioning Editors only want to build success on success. They don’t often stick their noses above the Parapet. 


Below a few of the pieces I made at Adult Education Classes.  I cut out the silver cross but the elaborate interior is from a brooch left to me by a very good Friend.  I don't wear brooches so it seemed the best way of honouring her memory.  RIP Griselle Linday/Beauchamp

THE PRESS - damned if you do and damned if you don't

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.


Date: 18th April 2021


If you’ve read my last two Blogs, you might expect me to show a certain ‘Schadenfreude’ over the poor and lukewarm reviews but I actually feel sorry for, what I see, as a superb opportunity missed.

I believed the concept of a ‘Challenge Programme’ was to encourage ‘Audience Participation’. Had the programme been more ‘user friendly’ it might have encouraged others to take up Jewellery making as a hobby which can be lucrative or, even if you don’t sell, offers a lovely opportunity to make a bespoke piece for a friend or relative. Friends ask me to make on commission but I always gave them as presents - not considering my efforts worthy of a price.
The participants all seemed to be semi professional which perhaps would discourage a desire to participate.    Their pieces were complex which might have been a disincentive for members of the public to think they too might ‘have a go’.

I agree with Critics that the Judges were dull and didn’t seem to engage. Although he has a pedigree to fill a book perhaps all Shaun Leane’s enthusiasm goes into his designs because he seemed almost bored. Being the first progamme, perhaps they were nervous although it really should have been the competing jewellers who were so, having to create a piece against the clock

As for the Presenter, she obviously knew nothing about jewellery and didn’t engage with the participants. I am at a loss to understand why a Canadian Comedian should be chosen to do the job. One of her remarks was ‘smutty’ and another was unacceptable in today’s climate.

It was the first programme and may improve as it warms up - at least it isn’t another Cookery programme thank goodness. There’s nothing wrong with Cookery and I’ve presented two series in the dim and distant past but it does seem to rather dominate the Airwaves.

I sincerely hope All That Glitters will improve with bedding in, otherwise other programmes surrounding the fascinating story of Jewellery through the ages won’t stand a chance with the dreaded Commissioning Editors. They and producers all piggyback on success and most are not willing to take a gamble or think outside the box.

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.

ALL THAT GLITTERS - BBC series - First Programme

Date: 14th April 2021


As you know I have a vested interest in this programme having made the same - or similar - approach with the idea to the BBC in 2017. It is well night impossible to Patent an idea. I was asked if I’d be happy to have my Proposal passed to a Production Company with whom the BBC were having talks. A few months later, I was told the idea had hit the buffers and thought no more about it. Not the first time I’ve been disappointed or missed out in 50 years of broadcasting. I’ve often been ahead of the curve having made Food Programmes in the 80’s which never hit the National Screens and also a Regional ‘Cook Back in Time’ combination of Cookery and History which again didn’t make it to National TV but has since been produced in a similar style.

So, as you can imagine, I watched All that Glitters last night NOT with an open mind:) and very much of a vested interest.

All, but two, of the elements I’d suggested in my original Proposal were there but with a few alterations which I do not feel enhanced the Programme.

Having attended Jewellery and Silversmithing Classes for many years, my concept was to have participants taking part in the Challenge who were hghly competent but not professional - so that the programme might encourage members of the public to consider taking up jewellery or silversmithing as a hobby and even a way of making some pocket money. (Most of the Challenge programmes from Baking to Sewing have engendered interest in the Crafts displayed and a desire to  ‘have a go’)

Last night the participants were more than capable. The pieces they produced were extremely well executed but of a standard which, I believe, would have deterred a beginner. The bespoke piece could well have been purchased in a High Class Jewellery Shop costing many hundreds. 

At my classes, it was lovely to see the progress we all made and how proficient many became. One very old lady of 90+ who’d been attending classes for over 20 years produced a superb Silver bracelet incorporating beautifully set stones and patterned piercing. It was so beautiful I asked if she would make one for me on commission. She declined saying she didn’t think it was good enough. It certainly would and I’d have been happy to pay several hundreds for it in a shop.

I had suggested two Famous Jewellery Designers as judges and would have chosen flamboyant designers like Andrew Logan or more traditional but still unusual designers like Wendy Ramshaw - they'd have injected Colour into the programme

Sorry to be so critical but I’d never heard of last night's judges and they were both rather dull. There was no warmth or fun emanating from them. In fact the gentleman looked as though he was bored and would rather be somewhere else. It was interesting to read that the female had never been traditionally taught.

As for the Presenter - a comedian- heaven knows why she was chosen except that other Challenge programmes are using Comedians and Actors and Producers rarely think outside the box. She knew nothing about jewellery and made a few smutty remarks.

I would love to have seen more engagement with the participants

So what were the missing elements which I’d presented. Well one of them I’m keeping under my hat because there could still be a series made of that one element. Though if All That Glitters kills interest in Jewellery, my proposal will struggle to find a market.

The other element was that I’d suggested, as a prize for the overall winner, a possible one year apprenticeship with one of the Jewellery Designer Judges.

Maybe, in a future programme a prize might be announced but I’m not sure I could sit through another 5 programmes. 

In my humble opinion, most of today's producers don't appear to understand that Presenting and Interviewing is a job in itself.  Actors should act, Comedians should stick to comedy and if you want to elicit information from a guest, use a presenter/interviewer.  That being said some, Actors do make good presenters but many don't.  There's one male actor whom I greatly admire as an actor but his voice, when not being seen, is too weak for presenting documentaries - again - simply my opinion.

What do you think? Send your feedback to contact@jan-leeming.com.