Sticking To What They Do Best

Jan Leeming

Shoreham 2007

Shoreham Airshow 2007
Me looking brave before taking to the air (and the wing) of the plane. Wow, it was cold !! But the whole experience was totally exhilarating.



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Jan's Blog

Computers and the internet are amazing things. One of my concerns with putting together this site was that it could remain current, yet with all my travelling I've often much to say, but little time to say it. Years ago when reading the news it would take me days on end to reply to the kind letters people sent. Now, with the magic of the modern age, I can keep you up to date with what I'm doing and other events in my life.


Date: 1st December 2010


Why – oh why – don’t firms stick to the areas in which they are supposed to be experts. Why don’t they stick to the job in hand. Businesses appear to be fragmenting themselves in trying to be all things to all men/women.

My Travel Insurance company has just emailed and on offer is cut price Tea and Coffee (admittedly at the higher end of the market but!) – and horror of horrors they are also signed up to Twitter. Does this mean that if I want information with regard to the company, I have to go to Twitter? I know I have Blogs on my Website but I don’t tell you everything I had for dinner etc. – would you really like to know!!!

I’ve just changed my Electricity and Gas Supplier from EDF to Southern Electric and they’ve sent a 14 page Money Savers brochure! which, of course, one must sign up to – thus giving more marketing companies the opportunity to pass on your details. You only have to look at the Middleton’s fortune – not all built on their Party business but very much on the selling on of Address Lists which I read is perfectly legal. I suppose it’s little different from people having access to the Electoral Roll and nearly all one’s details, even when you tick the box saying you wish to be sort of ‘Ex-Directory’

It would be a full time job these days to sift through all the offers one is sent, given, offered. Why can’t businesses charge a fair price for a service or goods and just stick to it. Apart from anything else, we are supposed to be saving the environment and yet today I receive 100% more glossy brochures and other flyers (all in complete colour) than I did years ago. Just think of the paper, ink, etc wasted on this material which, in my house, usually goes straight into the bin. Apart from anything else, life is too short to trawl through all the offers in brochures and on line to save a few pence here and a few pence there. Yes, I used to go with friends to France and buy wine at half the price it would have been on this side of the channel `that seemed sensible and I love being in France’ but then we’d go and enjoy our savings by having a super lunch so there was a point to the saving.

I’m really in a bolshy mood – well frustrated is probably more accurate – and have just shot off a 2 page letter to our local MP telling him just what I think of this Coalition Government and all the broken promises and U-turns. Why do we ever trust Politicians? I’m beginning to think they are all the same – most of them coming from privileged backgrounds and an Oxbridge (usually left leaning) Education. And they have absolutely no idea how most of us live and probably Mr. Cameron least of all. They are surrounded by people who haven’t got the gumption to ‘tell it like it is’. Look at Mr. Cameron and the ‘experts’ he’s brought in to sort out our unholy mess of a country – mostly people who are rich beyond the dreams of most of us and have no idea about real life on a day to day basis.

Better sign off – really got loads to do but the weather is appalling and I’m housebound and trying to avoid all the paperwork and filing which seems to multiply like the brooms in Disney’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.

Bye for now. Jan

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