Tamby Update

Jan Leeming

Shoreham 2007

Shoreham Airshow 2007
Me looking brave before taking to the air (and the wing) of the plane. Wow, it was cold !! But the whole experience was totally exhilarating.



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Jan's Blog

Computers and the internet are amazing things. One of my concerns with putting together this site was that it could remain current, yet with all my travelling I've often much to say, but little time to say it. Years ago when reading the news it would take me days on end to reply to the kind letters people sent. Now, with the magic of the modern age, I can keep you up to date with what I'm doing and other events in my life.

Tamby - update

Date: 26th September 2014

Tamby had to have his 3 month test after the radiation treatment he received in May/June.  His thyroid levels are not stable yet but this could be the result of the iodine radiation.  However I had to take him back for a kidney test - not brilliant.  He will now have to go onto special food and if that fails then it's medication.

I had hoped the radiation treatment would have 'bought' him another 4 - 5 years of good life.  We will have to see.  

After his treatment he reverted to many of his kittenish ways including trying to drink out of the loo and the wash basin.  Just before I bought him a 'pet fountain' I took a short film of him lapping out of the tap.  I can't post it on my website but I have put it on Facebook.  Although I don't accept many 'friends' on Facebook - only having set it up to keep up to date with my son's adventures in Australia - and I don't have the time to write my blogs and spend time on Facebook reading and writing, I have put the video into the general Wall so it can be viewed.

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