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Jan Leeming

Shoreham 2007

Shoreham Airshow 2007
Me looking brave before taking to the air (and the wing) of the plane. Wow, it was cold !! But the whole experience was totally exhilarating.



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Jan's Blog

Computers and the internet are amazing things. One of my concerns with putting together this site was that it could remain current, yet with all my travelling I've often much to say, but little time to say it. Years ago when reading the news it would take me days on end to reply to the kind letters people sent. Now, with the magic of the modern age, I can keep you up to date with what I'm doing and other events in my life.


Date: 6th February 2010


Well, I don't know what you thought of the programme but I was astounded to see that my Website received 5,545 hits on Sunday night.  I usually get around 300 in a week.  And, NO, they weren't all looking for the 'Nude' photo of Yours Truly. 

As Tim Firth so beautifully puts it in 'Calendar Girls' - Nude is suggestion - Naked is detail.  I was covered in Butterflies and was showing no more than I would have done in my Bikini-wearing days.

I was delighted to receive so much feed back on the programme - and the over-riding comment was 'How pleasant to see people enjoying themselves and being nice and not bitching each other'.  I got stopped on the street whilst shopping, had comments sent through my Website and a constant stream of favourable comments sent on by my son Jonathan who works in a business where I shouldn't think anyone is much over 40 years of age!  The Producers can edit a programme how they wish, but if they haven't got 'bitchiness' then they can't add it.  We all enjoyed ourselves and each other's company.  I haven't enjoyed myself so much in years working on a programme.

When I saw Donal receiving lots of help, I asked if my son Jonathan could help me by serving the wine.  Well, he got cut out of the one hour version but if the programme is re-cut into 4 half hours, he might make a miraculous re-appearance and, hopefully, you might see more of Mike Parker - the harpist. 

I must admit after I asked if I could invite Mike to play at my Dinner Party, I had terrible mis-givings because of the caustic comments made by the Narrator.  However, after attending Donal's Dinner at which he had a classical guitarist, I felt far more comfortable.

Don't know if you saw the piece in The Guardian on line.  Still can't decide whether the guy likes me or not - he was certainly incredibly sarcastic.  Mind you, I shouldn't object to being called Eccentric at my age - I'd rather be eccentric than dull.  And Donal called me 'Wacky' - and I always thought of myself as very conservative!  I suppose it all comes down to Stereotyping.  At my grand old age, I should be sporting a cardigan (done up on all the wrong buttons), flat comfortable shoes, a perm or a short hair cut and should be happy to be spreading - size wise.  Well I'm not doing any of the afore-mentioned and if I were even fitter, there'd be no stopping me - I'd be up Kilimanjaro, walking the Great Wall and doing all the things I never even thought of doing when I was younger.  Mind you, by way of excuse, many pursuits were simply not there and available when I was younger. I'm delighted that my son still thinks I'm 'wacky' enough to go Disco-Dancing and is more than happy to accompany me on Cruises when I'm invited to give talks.  You are a long time dead and I intend to pack as much as I'm able to into my Autumnal years.

Incidentally, sorry to disappoint but there was NO Romance between Dave and myself.  I think we are both outgoing people and, speaking for myself, he was a man with a great deal more to him than met the eye.  I think I too surprised him as he was probably expecting some 'po-faced' newsreader.  Yes, I did comment on his Aftershave but I hand out compliments to both sexes.  I've often told a total stranger how very nice she looked and asked where she might have purchased her outfit.  When I was in my twenties and working for Granada TV in Manchester, I was commuting up on Monday and sat next to a woman with the most gorgeous perfume.  As we approached Manchester I plucked up courage to compliment her and ask her what was the Perfume.  To my surprise, she was wearing exactly the same perfume as I was but it smelled totally different on her.  It was Guerlain's Mitsouko which is still available.  I do get cross over the plethora of new perfumes being released almost monthly but Thank Goodness some of the old stalwarts are still there.  I now have to order The Vert by Bulgari and wonder how long before that is discontinued.  It's like all forms of make-up.  You've been using it for years and then it disappears.  The hapless assistant tells you it's been deleted and then, more often than not, lets you know you are the tenth client who has asked for it that day.  

Now how did I get on to Perfume!  Oh yes, David's Aftershave.

Thank you for all your support and I DO respond to emails sent via my Agent on the Website.

Fond wishes,  Jan

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